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Prepared Meals (Meal Prep)

We provide a variety of healthy meals based on the science of food. What you eat is known to influence your hormonal balance. Hormonal balance affects body composition, energy utilization, blood chemistry and more. We are concerned with providing meals that have a balancing effect on your hormones, which is done by providing meals that have the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Our *‘Macro balanced’* meals are on average 500 calories per meal, high in fibre, no sugar or preservatives and most importantly packed with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

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We have a selection of protein shakes, smoothies, salads, breakfast options and coffees. So if you’re on your way to work, just finished in the gym or just generally looking for a healthy option, there’s something to suit your needs on our menu. For those opting for the prepared meals, these can also be collected in store.

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Diet & Nutrition

This service is an extension of the above two, more for those looking for what we call ‘macro specific’ meals. Our nutritionists will tailor your meal plan according to you specific goals. This is done by completing a short questionnaire and food diary so we can better understand your needs. A short consultation may follow with our nutritionist if more detail is required. This information will allow to us formulate a meal plan that is not only specific to your needs but also includes some of your favourite meals, with portion sizes to match your goals. We provide two forms of ‘Macro specific’ meals: 1) including meals from our meal prep menu 2) meals you can prepare at home for yourself.